No Child Wet Behind - Mother Nurturing
Details regarding the first annual No Child Wet Behind Diaper Drive and Fundraiser in the Greater Houston area.
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No Child Wet Behind

One third of families in Houston report a need for clean diapers.  The average monthly cost of diapers for one child is $100.

Diapered Babies
For families that have more than one child in diapers and live below the poverty line, that is an astronomical cost.

NCWB Houston

Newborns use nearly a dozen diapers in one day.

No Child Wet Behind is a 501c3 dedicated to awareness, education and the donation of diapers to needy families with infants and small children.

When a family struggles to, or is not able to provide diapers for their child, the family is affected both physically and emotionally. Having an inadequate supply of diapers is linked to to diaper rash, emotional distress, child abuse, and infanticide.

No Child Wet Behind’s (NCWB) mission is to get diapers to those in need via monetary donations as well as diaper donations. NCWB is a nonprofit; it was started by Northeast Doulas, LLC, a for-profit company based out of Peekskill, NY that provides professional doula services to families in Greenwich, Westchester, and New York City.

How do we offset the cost of diapers, Houston?

Programs exist to assist families with basic necessities such as food, shelter and clothing, but surprisingly, diaper need is not supported by any government program. WIC, Foodstamps, and FSA/HSA cards don’t cover the cost of diapers because they aren’t considered a “necessity”.

Diapered Baby

Houston will be hosting an event this Spring to contribute to the diaper disparity facing out country today.

“I remember us hopping in our car, filled to the brim with diapers, and driving around Peekskill handing out diapers to desperate parents,” says Randy Patterson, co-owner of Northeast Doulas. “The need was so great: we had people knocking on our door looking for more diapers. We knew we had to do something.”

NCWB is just one of a few organizations aiming to educate about and prevent diaper deprivation.

The proceeds of the event will benefit No Child Wet Behind; diapers will be (even partially opened packs) will be accepted the day of the event and donated to the Houston Diaper Assistance Program.

Local sponsors, businesses and volunteers are helping, and we expect the community to as well! Keep an eye out for diaper collection boxes throughout our Houston communities.


Additional Opportunities include Sponsorship, Vendors, and Volunteers.


Not local? Not interested in volunteering or participating?
That’s ok! You can contribute by choosing to donate now!