Ways to encourage labor in Houston
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Labor Whispering. It’s not an induction technique.

Labor Whispering. It’s not an induction technique.

labor whispering

Houston’s Inaugural Certified Labor Whisperers.

Labor Whispering. Sounds cool doesn’t it? It really is!
It’s not an induction and we aren’t medical providers.

It’s a protocol developed by the amazing Rowan Twosisters.

Throughout her years of serving familes through birthwork and Massage Therapy she pieced together the fact that there are about four major issues that can hinder a mother from going into labor.
She discovered that by addressing these issues with her clients, they began their birth journey feeling more confident and supported. She has begun to share her knowledge with other Massage therapists and Birthworkers.

When is Labor Whispering needed?

Labor Whispering is great when you want to get the ball rolling on that labor train. That doesn’t mean you need to wait until your guess date has come around.  No.
Please, schedule a session long before that so that we can begin working on things that may hinder your body’s preparation.

We work with you to prepare your body physically, prepare your mind emotionally and make sure that you have the support you need to birth the baby with confidence.

If you are interested in finding a #LaborWhisperer, or gathering the knowledge to be one yourself, the hub is launching soon.

If you don’t want to wait, you can contact me, or take matters into your own hands with Rowan’s Mapbook for Mamas. Check out what she has to say about that.

We can’t wait to meet you!

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