Maternity Photography session preparation tips for families
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Five things to know about Maternity Photography

Bare Root Maternity Photos

Five things to know about Maternity Photography

As a Houston Doula and licensed massage therapist specializing in pregnancy massage, my path crosses with many families. We have conversations about the planning, excitement, anticipation and fears surrounding this special time in their lives. Oftentimes the conversation turns to photography. I’m asked;

“Should I get maternity photos?”

“Do I really need a birth photographer or can you snap some pics with my phone?”

“Of course I want newborn photos, my (cousin/brother/aunt/friend) offered to take some for us.”

This is all well and good, but I also share a building in Old Town Spring with the amazingly talented Ashli Sacramento of Isadora Photography. I asked her what her thoughts were in regards to this topic and she shared her top 5 things that she wants all families to know when it comes to capturing these memories.

If you can only fit Maternity Photography or birth photography into your budget, always choose Maternity.

Why? Birth is unpredictable. It’s intimate. While its miraculous and beautiful- its not something that everyone wants to see, nor is it something that you want to share with everyone. Maternity photos are timeless. You love to share them with everyone! Even your children will enjoy looking back on them  as they grow. A professional photographer knows how to use lighting, editing, posing, location etc. to capture you in a way that you will never look again. Your mom/cousin/brother/friend etc. loves you dearly and unless they are degreed, professional photographers- its not going to be the same.

The third trimester is the best time for these pictures.

32-34 weeks is ideal. if you wait any longer, you are likely to be too uncomfortable to enjoy the session, you may be swollen, puffy and generally not feel beautiful or confident. Even with the best lighting and editing, those things will show through in your photos. On a side note, having your photos done around week 28 gives the photographer enough turnaround time to have the photos ready for baby shower invites!

The setting is important

Whether indoors or out, know what you want to look back on. Plan accordingly. Outdoor shots are fun!

However, we live in Texas…. early mornings are best in the summer. Evenings can be quite miserable. Hot. Sticky. Sweaty.

Oh, and mosquitos love pregnant bodies.  Indoor shoots can be just as beautiful and fun! The lighting is different and the whole feel of the shoot is altered because of it.

Choose your outfit wisely- or let your photographer choose.

Check with your photographer to see if they offer any type of wardrobe, hair or makeup as part of their package- Ashli does! This saves you the time and stress of shopping for that perfect outfit. No one likes to shop and try on outfits while full with child…. am I right?!

Selfies don’t cut it folks.


Photos are meant to be keepsakes. A selfie just doesn’t acheive the same feeling. There is something to be said for the tradition of hanging a framed photo on the wall, or pulling out a big heavy photo album to flip through.
If you have any further questions, or want more information on Maternity photography, birth photography, or newborn sessions- reach out to Bare Root Collective.

Ashli and I would love to speak with you about our package deals. You can have a beauty filled memorable birthing and experience!

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