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Ever heard of vag tv ? (Pronounced VAH-JUH)

Ever heard of vag tv ? (Pronounced VAH-JUH)

What is it?
Simply put, its a phenomenon that many families fall victim to. Rowan TwoSisters, the Urban Curandera has a lot to say about this topic. It’s actually the basis for her Labor Whispering protocol.
Vag TV, is only one layer of the process.
You can read her thoughts here.

So, what causes the dreaded Vag TV?

Essentially it’s that thing that happens when you’re pregnant and people in your life (whether they realize it or not)  no longer treat you as a person with thoughts or emotions. Instead, you are the vessel.
The baby holder.
An incubator.
A walking bump.

You might be surprised to learn who the person is that most often starts the #vagtv problem.

This can really cause some issues with your whole labor process, (it gets janky, yo).
Thankfully, there are things that can be done to nip it in the bud before labor gets whack.

How to fix it?

Lets schedule a Labor Whispering session to figure out how to avoid this phenomenon, or navigate it if it’s already happening to you.

Labor Whisperers know how to use a coochpillow.

All of the Houston area Labor Whisperers are “pinned” once they’ve completed their training.

Houston has several trained Labor Whisperers.
Someone is likely in your neck of the woods.

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