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How to Breastfeed-the basics…

How to Breastfeed-the basics…

Lactation support, breastfeeding help, normal after baby, best formula, best bottles for breastfed baby, postpartum depression, night nannies for newborns, newborn care specialistsBreathe.

Taking a deep breath, dropping your shoulders and going through the following will insure the start to a pleasant breastfeeding relationship.

Slow down, be patient. Don’t rush to get settled in your chair- quickly pulling your shirt up to expose your nursing tank and unsnapping the clasp. The quick jerks and frenzied attempts to settle will cause your little one to feel the same intensity.

Affirm yourself, and your baby.

You are a team. It’s hard work, but you can do it. You have read countless book, articles and blog posts. You have gathered all the information you need to know how to do this. Your knowledge has created a base for you to stand firm on and has allowed your instincts to take over.

Get comfy.

Pull out the warm rice sock and place it over the breast you aren’t feeding on. The deep comfort soothes and warms allowing your milk to release. Sigh.

Let the hormones do their job…

As your sweet baby latches and begins to suckle, oxytocin and prolactin are released.  This creates a blissful cocktail of hormones, allowing you to soak in the quiet moment of serenity shared with your sweet little person. These are the breastfeeding basics.

When it doesn’t work-

If you have done all of these things are still having a difficult breastfeeding journey, please reach out to me for help in connecting with a Lactation professional. While peer to peer support is valuable, it’s also important to know when you need more expert advice.

Remember, fed is best. Feeding your babydoesn’t have to happen any one particular way. Your journey will be as unique and varied as you are.

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